(On) The Radar

Waldburger Wouters
Boulevard d'Anvers 49, 1000 Bruxelles

07. September. 2017 17:00


10. November. 2017

Participating artists:
Els Nouwen, Geert Marijnissen, Marie-Fleur Lefebvre, Timur Lukas
Thibaut Verhoeven, Matthias Dornfeld
Type of exhibition:
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‚The show ‘(On) The Radar’ unites four artists, who embody four different painterly positions, which all in some manner have to do with the idea of painting as a rather attacking act towards its own medium. Although painting still is considered as a popular medium within the contemporary art market, it still behaves – as itself and in its creation – rather autistic towards the outside.
For each of these painters is the ‘canvas’ a sort of mental battlefield, excluded from the outside world, in which each painterly act can be considered as an image attack to the former one, and which forces the creator time and time again to the making of – whether or not strategic – choices towards the next act. These image attacks could be constructive or destructive, aggressive or tactile, deformed or esthetic, but contain nevertheless always a sort of destruction towards the last (painted) image.
The title of the exhibition ‘(On) The Radar’ refers – next to the evident military connotation – to the still relatively young position that these four painters possess within the (international) contemporary art world, and to our modest attempt in bringing change to that.
Also, this intervention could be considered as a small plea for maintaining an underground position, which – if she is high-quality – paradoxically mostly is condemned to her opposite, the mainstream.‘ (T.V. & M.D.)