meine drei lyrischen ichs

Kunstverein München, Munich
Galeriestraße 4, 80539 München

20. Juli. 2023 20:00


20. Juli. 2023

Participating artists:
Rasha Habbal, Jakob Kraner, Sasha Lavrenchuk, Timur Lukas
Daniel Bayerstorfer, Tristan Marquardt, Annalena Roters, Nora Zapf
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Photo Credits: Mario Steigerwald

LYRIK: Rasha Habbal (Trier), Jakob Kraner (Vienna), Sasha Lavrenchuk (Munich/Kiev)
ART: Timur Lukas (Munich)

my three lyrical selves is turning eleven, and in its second edition this year, the series once again presents the broad and exciting spectrum of current poetry and art. Three poets meet, three languages and poetry on art:

The guest from Trier is the Syrian poet Rasha Habbal, who published the volume „The Last Woman“ in 2021 at Verlagshaus Berlin. In it, she addresses, among other things, the Syrian revolution of 2011, the civil war and life in Germany. After he was unable to attend the last edition due to illness, we are all the more pleased to welcome Jakob Kraner from Vienna this time. He has recently published his debut „Kosmologie“ (Matthes & Seitz). The book is a „boldly formal evolutionary history of geometric forms“ and eludes classical genre classifications: It works with text and illustration, is both an experimental novel and poetic prose. The Ukrainian poet and screenwriter Sasha Lavrenchuk has lived in Munich since 2022 and has published three volumes of poetry so far. Her more recent texts, with which she was recently a guest at the „Super+Centercourt“ gallery, for example, deal with the present of war, among other things: „Only in VR reality can I now sometimes immerse myself in a normal life, everything else has long been a film.“

The event space will be artistically performed by Timur Lukas. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, was a master student with Gregor Hildebrandt and graduated there in 2018. He shows paintings based on old amateur photographs and postcards, transforming „the foreign snapshots into universal spaces of memory“ (Lisa Stoiber). His works will interact with the current furnishings of the foyer for the 200th anniversary of the Kunstverein.