Kunsthalle UG

Schoene Felder e.V., Augsburg
Gögginger Straße 10, 86159 Augsburg

16. Juni. 2023 19:00


09. September. 2023

Participating artists:
Ian Zak, Esther Zahel, Mara Weyel, Guido Weggenmann, Magdalena Waller, Von Rudzinski, Shao, Matthias Schweizer, John Schlecht, Laurentius Sauer, Laura Sattelmair, Lena Probst, Dominik Prestele, Bernhard McQueen, Daniel Man, Timur Lukas, Christine Liebich, Eva Krusche, Michael Günzer, Vera Daffner, Sebastian Bühler, Lydia Schellhammer & Christ Mukenge, Video.Sckre
Schoene Felder
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Photo Credits: Sebastian Bühler

Talents under the tar: The underpass of the streetcar stop „Kongress am Park“ is transformed into the ‚Kunsthalle UG‘, a public space and studio for contemporary art accessible at any time.

What an inviting entrance: the underpass becomes the setting for works by artists from Augsburg and the region. The Kunstverein Schöne Felder e.V. with Lisa Mc Queen, Sebastian Bühler and Bernhard Mcqueen would like to beautify the publicly accessible space with contemporary art. It also aims to promote young talent.

The exhibition is financed by the sponsorship „Art for us – shaping public space!“ of the Free State of Bavaria via BBK Bayern, Kongress am Park Betriebs GmbH and the Cultural Office of the City of Augsburg. Let yourself be surprised by the fascinating exhibitions when you are on your way to conferences and cultural events at the Congress Center!